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State Express Gold 555 KS Box


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State Express Gold 555 is a premium full flavored cigarette that’s made with only quality tobacco. The premium brown filter combined with fine quality tobacco blends to create a smooth smoking experience unlike any other. A quintessential European brand, State Express 555 is already the most popular important brand in Asia. Hard to come by in some parts of the world, this product is now available to be shipped worldwide from our store.

These cigarettes come in a golden package, with a blue 555 logo on the front. The packaging helps add to the allure and sophistication of being a State Express 555 smoker. A fine-made cigarette at an affordable price makes for an unbeatable combination that you’re sure to enjoy. These cigarettes come in cartons of 200 cigarettes and packs of 10.

Each carton contains 10 packs of 20 cigarettes
1 carton contains 200 cigarettes