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Kent Nanotek Infinia


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Kent Nanotek Infinia is a brand of cigarettes that was first to introduce smoke filters in 1952. The original version of the Kent Micronite cigarette filter used crocidolite,  a form of asbestos, from 1952 until at least mid-1956 which was known at the time to be a cause of cancer.  Three years later Lorillard introduced  “New Kents”  with a new Micronite filter,  this time asbestos-free.

The taste of Kent Nanotek Infinia cigarettes is not similar to its contemporary brands as this flawless product possesses a refined tobacco blend.  Even if you are fastidious smoker,  Kent cigarettes will for sure amaze you.  Probably the main distinctive feature of this brand is that Kent contains a special charcoal filter that gives a mild taste and an unbelievable flavor.