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Dunhill International Red


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Dunhill International Red cigarettes are regarded worldwide as a premier luxury brand. This product was created especially for smokers who appreciate a finely crafted, exceptionally designed cigarette. Impeccably made with golden colored tobacco, these cigarettes are free of additives and won’t leave you with a harsh chemical aftertaste. A great tasting cigarette with a subtle sweet taste of plum extract, these cigarettes are perfect for when you need a few minutes to relax and escape. Larger than the average stick, these king sized, slow burning cigarettes have the added bonus of lasting longer than most traditional cigarettes, making them an ideal choice for a social cigarette.

Made with a high quality tobacco blend, Dunhill International Red cigarettes are already one of the most popular brands among smoking connoisseurs. Packaged in a classic looking red and gold box, everything about these cigarette echoes the feeling of refined sophistication. With a mild taste that’s uncommon among most regular strength cigarettes, these full flavored cigarettes are a refreshing choice for anyone looking for a deliciously flavored cigarette. Often times only available in the United States, these cigarettes are ready to be shipped worldwide direct from our store. Get FREE shipping with every order placed at

Each carton contains 10 packs of 20 cigarettes
1 carton contains 200 cigarettes