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Craven A Filter KS Box

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Craven A Virginia cigarettes are a well-made smoke that’s made with a long-standing tradition of English-style craftsmanship. An excellent cigarette that’s marked by its quality, this is a smoking experience you must take advantage of. This elite brand of cigarette is made with fine-quality, matured tobacco that has a hint of nutty sweetness to it. A favorite cigarette of the legendary Bob Marley, Craven A Virginia cigarettes have an unmistakable taste that you are sure to enjoy.

The convenient 20-cigarette pack is marked by a red and white design with the brand’s trademark black cat coyly displayed on the front. You can always recognize Craven A Virginia cigarettes when you see them. Having stood the test of time, these cigarettes are made with quality filters and superior paper casing. A strong and powerful smoke with an unmistakable taste, these cigarettes are truly unique. Craven A Virginia cigarettes are the high quality smokes that will leave a lasting impression. Good to the last puff, these cigarettes are made for those who truly appreciate the prestige of a well-made smoke.