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The Electronic-cigarette is a hot-seller and one of the most successful aids to those wishing to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes make it easier for e-cig users to save money on future purchases of more expensive cigarette products  (compared to the lower cost of e-liquids), while doing away with the usual health issues associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes. There is a small “learning curve” associated with the electronic cigarette and the associated parts of same and the e-liquids. IF the electronic cigarette device is to be used as a smoking cessation aid, the user must commit to using it in place of their tobacco cigarettes. Our resident vaper recommends that users smoke at least one (1) e-liquid cartridge (of the vegetable glycerin type) before deciding to reject the device and make sure that the strength of your e-liquid matches that of your current tobacco smoking habit, ie; Full flavor, Light, Extra light, Menthol, Menthol light, Natural and flavored types of e-liquids are available for the electronic cigarette user to match up to their tobacco cigarette brand style.


It should be noted that many e-cigs and vaporizers can be used with an e-liquid cartridge containing zero (0) nicotine content, whereby the user of the device experiences inhales and exhales containing only water vapor with no tar or nicotine whatsoever.