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Karelia White KS

Karelia White KS Cigarettes

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Karelia Green KS

Karelia Green KS cigarettes

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Karelia Blue Slims

Karelia Blue Slims cigarettes are made for those with more sophisticated standards. An elegant slim sized cigarette, each stylish stick fits delicately within your fingers as you take your time...

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Karelia Blue KS

Karelia Blue KS is a unique choice when you’re looking for something a little different in a cigarette. Made in Greece, this classic cigarette invokes the calm of a Mediterranean...

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Karelia Blue 100’s

Karelia Blue 100s are a smooth, great tasting cigarette that’s conveniently packaged in a sophisticated 100mm slim frame. These cigarettes are made with quality tobacco that will leave you wanting...

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Karelia Slims 100s

Karelia Slims 100s offer the great quality that you’ve come to expect from the Karelia line, in a sleek slim form. These cigarettes will leave you satisfied each and every...

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Karelia Red KS Box

Karelia Red KS Box Cigarettes are produced in Greece. Great flavor and a smooth smoke. Get them on sale now at FREE shipping, 24/7 customer service lines and SSL....

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Karelia Cream Slims

Karelia Cream Slims cigarettes are a delicious choice in a premium cigarette. Each stick has a smooth flavor and sophisticated appeal that’s truly unique. Made with only premium tobacco with...

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